Frequently Asked Questions
Can I bring coolers and tents into the stadium?

Yes. While coolers and tents are allowed, the stadium asks that all tents be no bigger than a 10x10 and tents are not allowed to be connected to one beside them. The stadium also asks that fans come prepared to weight down or tie down their tents to ensure no injuries to fans around them.

I’m an official and would like to work the event. Will I be compensated for working the event?

No, you will not be compensated for the meet. You will receive three (3) polos and meals. Depending on your location, you could also receive housing.

Can international athletes participate in this event?

Participation in Youth Athletics Championships and Junior Olympic programs shall be restricted to United States citizens, aliens living in the United States, and foreign exchange students.

Where do I find a schedule of events for the meet?

The schedule will be reviewed during the upcoming site visit with USATF. The goal is to have this available by mid-February at the latest.

How far away is packet pickup from the stadium?

The National Guard Armory is home to packet pick-up and is located across the street from the stadium (around 125 yards).

Where can I find the schedule of events?

The schedule of events can be found here.

General Information
Event Limits

Allcompetitor must compete in his/her age division only. There will be no"moving up" in any events, including relays. Competitors in the 8& under, 9-10, and 11-12 age divisions may compete in a maximum of three(3) events, including relays. Athletes in the 13-14, 15- 16, and 17-18divisions may compete in a maximum of four (4) events, including relays.Combined events are not included in the event count.  


Athletes in all events must report to the clerking area no later than 45 minutes prior to their event. All athletes are required to remain in the designated area after checking in. Athletes MUST check-in for the first round of their event regardless of the number of entries reported on an entry status report, listed in event program, etc. Per rule 303.2(b) :

In the Association or Regional Championship, National Youth Outdoor and National Youth Indoor whenever the number of competitors reporting for an event makes heats, as required in this Rule, unnecessary, the event may be run as a final at the time in the program so scheduled for the heats.

Bib Numbers

Athletes are required to wear bib numbers to gain access to the event check- in. Lost bibs can be replaced in the packet pick-up area at a cost of $5.00.

Relay Uniforms

Relay participants must wear a top of the same color(s) and bottoms of the same color(s).

Club/Team Relays: All relay team members must be members of the same club, which must also be registered with club's resident USATF Association for 2019.


All races contested in lanes (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, all hurdle events, 4x100m, and 4x400m) will qualify the eight fastest overall times in the first round to a one-heat final.

Combined Events Scoring

IAAF scoring tables will be used to score all combined events competition (Triathlon, Pentathlon, Heptathlon, and Decathlon).

Combined Events: The team points earned by a club/team member in the combined events competition will be included in that team's overall score.


The maximum spike lengths allowed for running and field events are: 1/4" Pyramid Spikes. No needle or “Christmas Tree” spikes permitted.


Per USATF Rule 146, all protests must be submitted in writing not later than 30 minutes after the results of an event are posted.  This time period will be strictly enforced. The cost to file a protest is $100 cash. This fee is refundable only if the protest is upheld. Only violations of the 2019 USATF Rules of Competition may be protested. Judgment calls made by meet officials cannot be protested. Protests that do not meet the above criteria will not be accepted.


Meet management will provide batons for the relays and implements for the throwing events (shot, hammer, discus, and javelin). Participants must use the implements provided for competition. Personal implements in the throwing events are not allowed.